Aluminum profiles machining, designing

Aluminum profiles machining, designing

Our company is Bosch Rexroth Certified Excellence Partner in Lithuania. We deliver best–in–class Bosch Rexroth products and technology. We offer assembly and installation services and solutions for these products. We also advise and provide knowledge on how to choose, apply and maintain Bosch Rexroth products and technologies and ensure the durability and functionality required by the customer.

In Lithuania we have created the largest stock of aluminum profiles, connectors, fasteners and accessories, and our dedicated sales engineers will work with you to create anything you need.

There for, our workshops in East and West Lithuania‘s parts allow us to provide for customers to get fast aluminum profiles machining services like cutting, drilling and making threads.

We provide the following aluminum machining and design services:

Cutting profiles

We can cut aluminum profiles with segmental metal circular saw blade machine – perpendicularly or from 0 to 45 degrees angle.

Drilled holes

Some standard connection options for putting strut profiles together needs profile finishing and bores must be done.

For our customers we can drill holes using drilling jig tools – diameters 9,8 mm or 17 mm.

Threaded holes

We are making threads to ends of profiles –  M8 or M12 depending of profile cross section.

Designing and production

From Bosch Rexroth aluminum profiles system we can design, assemble and install different kind of original equipment like flow racks, machine construction frames, workstations, safety guards, conveyors and much more. Our aluminum profiles ensures versatility and robust durability in any application.


Bring your new ideas to life with the Bosch Rexroth aluminum profile system using our in–stock profiles and accessories and the machining services we offer!


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