Renold is an international group delivering high precision engineered and power transmission products (such as various chains, couplings, sprockets, etc.) to our customers worldwide.Our market-leading products can be seen in diverse applications from cement making to chocolate manufacturing, subway trains to power stations, escalators to quarries; in fact, anywhere something needs to be lifted, moved, rotated or conveyed.

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The ŘETĚZY VAMBERK company is one of the largest manufacturers of chains and sprockets in Central Europe. The company manufactures roller chains, conveyor roller chains, leaf chains, bush chains, Gall´s chains, conveyor chains, rotary chains and special chains, as well as the agricultural chains, chains for bakeries, chains for insulation material industry, overhead conveyor chains, chains for wood and paper industry and for a number of other applications in all industrial sectors. The products' range also includes the sprockets supplied to all chain types.

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