Design of mobile workplaces

Design of mobile workplaces

A mobile workshop is more than just installing shelves in your vehicle. As an official representative of the manufacturer Bott, we offer our customers:

  • best quality and long–lasting production,
  • individual design,
  • consultations,
  • warranty service,
  • professional system installation works.


Bott is a system that starts from custom design and manufacturing to supply and installation, maintaining the highest quality in every part of the process. Taking advantage of Bott's experience and the variety of products and their accessories, we will install not only shelves in your vehicle, but also install complex communication, lighting and power supply solutions that meet your needs.


The Bott vario3 van shelving/racking system is unique in its optimal use of space. Even the smallest spaces will be used to the maximum, and because of the low weight of the system, fuel consumption won't increase much. In the mobile workshop you will have a great interior with tool cabinets, workbenches and clamps inside or a folding table for working outside. We have a large selection of accessories for riding your work equipment on the roof of a vehicle.

Vertical and horizontal shelf profiles will be equipped with extremely practical C–lash load securing straps–connectors.

When designing your vehicle, we will provide not only detailed drawings, but also a 3D virtual image where you can see the real picture of your mobile workshop.


ATTENTION!!! The Bott system is fully compatible with Festool toolboxes! This means that for Festool users there is no additional cost or custom design required to match their existing tools to the Bott vario3 system in their vehicle!


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