Germany company WINKEL GmbH market leader in the field of heavy load linear systems. Winkel for their systems use only high quality components, which application are very versatile.

Winkel bearings are applicate for high dynamic loads. Also in company's assortiment are bearings, which can be used for surrounding temperature up to +250°C, others are resistant to dirt, others characterized the low noise.

Winkel profiles are used for high dynamic loads and characterized resistant to wear.

More informatin about the products:

Bearings: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/index/

Profiles: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/winkel-profiles/

Flange plates: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/winkel-bearings/flange-plates/

Components: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/components/

Systems: logistics – https://www.winkel-bearing.com/systems/pallets-system/

                 lifting –  https://www.winkel-bearing.com/lifting-systems/

Multi–axis–units: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/systems/multi-axis-units/

Special applications: https://www.winkel-bearing.com/systems/special-applications/