Floors and linings

Floors and linings


Protection of your cargo area starts with the flooring panel. The flooring panel is fastened securely to the floor of your commercial vehicle. Van racking modules are then firmly anchored to it for the greatest possible level of safety in the event of an accident.
The surface finish of the flooring panel is non-slip so that you always have a firm footing - even in wet weather. Anti-slip mats help to prevent the load from slipping. Due to a special slip-resistant coating, flooring panels have a high coefficient of friction and thus safety - even without anti-slip load mats.

Additional mounting rails, cargo area LED lighting, power sockets are integrated according to individual needs.


Established in 1930 the German company bott has been manufacturing and developing van equipment for more than 90 years, improving the workplace systems in which craftsmen work every day. It is the undisputed leader in van equipment and innovation in the global market.

bott van equipment includes:

  • flexible modular system;
  • customized projects;
  • maximum use of space in the van;
  • ergonomic tool layout;
  • high level of security;
  • easy to maintain surfaces.

UAB Techvitas is the official representative of bott, therefore it offers its customers the highest quality, long-lasting bott products, individual design, consultations, warranty service and professional system installation work.

More information about the producer: www.bott.de