Gas Springs Calculation and Filling

Industrial Gas Springs Calculation and Filling Services

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We offer Industrial Gas Spring calculation and filling services to help customers ensure they select the right gas spring for their specific application and to ensure that the gas spring is filled with the appropriate gas and pressure.

The gas spring calculation involves evaluating various factors such as the weight and dimensions of the object being lifted or lowered, the desired opening or closing speed, and the desired force required to move the object.



ACE Stoßdämpfer GmbH has an online gas spring calculation tool that can be used to input these factors and generate a recommendation for the appropriate gas spring.

Sometimes your problems are more complicated than the online tool can solve. Customers can contact TECHVITAS application engineers to discuss their specific application and receive guidance on selecting the appropriate gas spring and filling service. Application engineers have the skills, knowledge and training to deliver a solution with a help of a professional gas spring calculation software.


Calculate now:

Example of calculation offer:

  • With our free calculation service you can eliminate the time-consuming calculation. Just send us your details per e-mail.
  • Complete the gas spring calculation and data form. 
  • Please attach a sketch of your application (a simple hand sketch is sufficient) in side view.
  • Our application engineers will determine the optimum gas springs and mounting points and calculate the ideal situation to satisfy your requirements.
  • You will receive a quotation showing the opening and closing forces and our recommended mounting points to suit your application.


Filling services involve filling the gas spring with the appropriate gas and pressure to achieve the desired performance.

We use a proprietary filling system that ensures accurate filling and provides long-term consistency in performance.

All the gas springs are marked with the part number and production date.

We maintain a stock of the most often used gas springs and end-fittings in Klaipeda, allowing us to select and deliver the necessary gas spring to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia within 1-3 working days.


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