Gearboxes and Geared Motors

Company WEG – one of the global leaders in the field of electric motors - has started it's work in 1961. Today the company has a very high global reputation for the quality and efficiency of electric motors. From the very beggining WEG's vision was to create the highest quality products and efficient solutions that meet international quality standards. WEG has expanded its range to 460 product groups, ideal for many applications ranging from standard to explosive or high-temperature customised products. WEG has many years of experience in marine technology, metalworking, food and chemical industries, etc.

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Founded in 1927, Bauer Gear Motor has grown globally to become a preferred source for high-quality, extremely reliable geared motors. Bauer engineers develop technically-advanced solutions that feature energy-efficient motors paired with optimal gearboxes to provide customers with the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Bauer’s wide product range includes helical geared motors, shaft-mounted geared motors, bevel-geared motors, worm geared motors, monorail geared motor drives, aseptic drives, and C-adapter motor connection.

Bauer engineered solutions can be found hard at work in a variety of key markets including food & beverage, energy, wastewater, concrete, metals and material handling on applications such as washdown conveyor systems, rolling mills, monorail systems and overhead conveyors, sludge thickeners, cranes, fans & blowers and turbines.

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Company FRANCIA was founded in the 1976 in Correggio (RE) by the two current owners. Company have been operating for nearly 40 years in the field of precision mechanical machining with national and international clients. In 1999 obtained the quality system certification ISO 9000 reflecting the fact that manage with rigor and method the complete process, from order to the delivery. Company strength is to provide to the customer not only the single mechanical processing but a finished product, that it can be the mechanical component rather than the complete gearbox. FRANCIA can support the customer in any specific technical choices by making available our experience and knowledge in this field. Company combine the flexibility and speed of response of a typical small size company with the high quality standards of our products, the latter aspect that has always distinguished it.

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