Hydraulic system service

Hydraulic system service

Service. Properly maintained hydraulic systems are reliable and long – lasting. In hydraulics, it is very important to perform system maintenance in time, assess the quality of the oil, change the hydraulic filters in a timely manner, maintain the tightness of the system so that oil does not penetrate into the environment. Also checking the operating pressures, assessing the condition of the hydraulic accumulators will prevent unwanted processes or failures in the hydraulic system.


Hydraulic diagnostics – repair and design. This includes all repairs to hydraulic systems, from control systems or diagnostics of a single hydraulic element to complex hydraulic systems. We diagnose and repair open, closed, constant, variable flow (load sense) systems, proportional control systems. We also design new hydraulic systems and modernize old ones into more efficient and reliable systems.

Repairing of hydraulic elements. That includes repairing of all types of pumps, motors, cylinders, mechanical, electrical, proportional and high – precision proportional distributors, hydrostatic gears, valves, manifolds, control units, hydraulic accumulators.


Mechanical repair. The smooth operation of hydraulic systems also requires a high – quality mechanical part and all other systems that work in parallel with the hydraulic system. Therefore, our specialists also assess the condition of the entire system in order to avoid unforeseen failures, costs and downtime in the future.

Quality standards. In hydraulic systems, the quality of the elements and performed work  is one of the first steps to have a reliable and long – lasting hydraulic system. Therefore, our engineers perform the work in accordance with BOSCH Rexroth quality standards and ensures reliability and durability of the systems.


The hydraulic components our and Bosch companies offer, you can find on our website: https://www.techvitas.com/en/hydraulics-2/. For more detailed information, please contact your regional manager or write us: hidraulika@techvitas.lt