Individual grippers

Individual grippers


UniGripper Customized means vacuum grippers designed to be optimal for the needs of a specific application. The application as such can be anything from a wide range of products to one single type of item to be handled all the time. Common for all applications is that the UniGripper will be designed using the almost 20 years of experience that UniGripper stands for. This mean that the number and type of UniGripper valves to be used as well as foam quality and vacuum power source are selected to find the perfect match. In addition to this, UniGripper customized can be equipped with one or several of our versatile accessories.

Some applications occur more frequently than others and customized for these applications get their own names.


The Unigripper brand belongs to the Swedish company Tepro Machine Pac & System AB, which has been working in the packaging and automation industry for more than 35 years. The Unigripper brand came on the market more than 20 years ago. This division of the company only manufactures vacuum grippers for robots of various sizes. The company offers high-quality foam-type grippers, which can range in size from a palm-sized gripper to a two-euro pallet-sized gripper. It is a small but well-known company in the market for this type of gripper, with special production flexibility, able to offer grippers for both typical and very specific robot operations. Foam type Unigripper grippers can be used to lift: metal, wood, glass, bags with the product, glassware and other products of complex shape and texture.

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