Industrial Robots KUKA

Industrial Robots KUKA

German company KUKA was established in 1898. For many years they were improving in the field of welding technology, in 1973 KUKA became pioneer in robotic manufactures, create the first industrial robot in the world. In 1996 the industrial world was surprised by the KUKA creation of an open PC-based controller. The company has constantly developed innovations that have earned success all over the world, so today KUKA is one of the world's leading manufacturers of robots and robotic systems, always able to offer you the right solution, no matter what complicated function you want to perform.

About the company:

Throughout the range of KUKA robots you will always be able to find the right one, which will suit your needs. KUKA offers six-axis robots, robots for positioning tasks, lighweight robots, heavy duty robots, palletizing robots, robots for food industry, welding robots, robots suitable for CNC machining tasks and more. Some of the names you may be familiar with are KR Quantec PA, KR Titan PA, KR Agilus, LBR iiwa.

KUKA also offers an economical approach by selling used robots. Used robots are sold completely refurbished to meet all the requirements for new robots. More information about this option can be provided by our team of specialists.