Installation and service of central lubrication systems

Installation and service of central lubrication systems

We are the official partner of SKF Lincoln lubrication systems in Lithuania and provide our customers with the following services:

  • installation central lubrication systems for industrial equipment and mobile machinery;
  • repair and service of lubrication systems;
  • repair/modernize lubrication systems of all manufacturers.

Automated lubrication is beneficial because with less friction:



  • energy consumption due to friction;
  • heat generation due to friction;
  • wear and noise due to friction;
  • downtime and operating costs;
  • product contamination and corrosion;
  • maintenance and repair costs;
  • lubricant consumption;
  • CO2 emission.


  • productivity;
  • reability;
  • durability;
  • machine uptime;
  • service intervals;
  • safety;
  • health;
  • sustainability.

Value of automated lubrication:

  • frequent lubrication with optimal amount;
  • lubrication points are not forgotten;
  • lubrication done when parts are moving;
  • no contamination trough lubricant;
  • no grease mixing.


  • 50 – 95% less wear;
  • 50 – 95% less expences with spare parts and repair labor;
  • less lost production due tomachines stoped for replacment of weared  parts;
  • decrease lubricant consumption with 10 – 50%;
  • 90% decrease labor with manual lubrication.
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