Joining of conveyor belts

Joining of conveyor belts

We offer high quality AMMERAAL belts, which are joined in Techvitas workshop. We have different AMMERAAL belt materials in different colors and top surfaces:

  • FLEXAM (PVC) – for universal applications;
  • NONEX (PVC) – for food industry applications;
  • ROPANYL (PU) – mostly suitable for food industry applications.

We prepare belts according to the customer requests, in right lengths and widths. We can also equip the belts with V guides or prepare belts with mechanical connectors.

Belt punching equipment

Preparation of a belt splice is a very important task. The place of belt connection is the weakest point of the conveyor belt, which can be easily damaged if the splice is not done correctly. By using specialized AMMERAAL equipment for preparation and splicing of the belts, we are assured of high quality and correct splicing of the finished belt.


Conveyor belts can be joined by different methods:

  • finger splice;
  • FOF (double finger) splice;
  • stepped splice;
  • skived splice.

AMMERAAL equipment is portable, and it also enables us to splice conveyor belts at the Customer, if the assembly of the belt is complicated or requires a lot of time.

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