Laser Marking

Laser marking

Cajo has patented technology for achieving reliably the same high-quality and vivid results for different materials. No other laser or marking method can accomplish what Cajo can.

The uniquely powerful capabilities of these lasers are harnessed by market-leading companies in more than 60 countries worldwide.


Comprehensive laser marking platform for creating traceability, product and brand markings on semi–finished and finished products in medical device and consumer electronics manufacturing. These solutions replace traditional marking methods such as stick–on labels, etching, stamping and pad printing.


We provide the following services related to Cajo laser marking:

1. we select suitable laser marking equipment for work with:

  • CO2 lasers for marking materials of organic origin (wood, cardboard, leather and others);
  • fiber lasers for marking materials of inorganic origin (metals, plastics, rubbers, etc.);

2. we prepare a laser integration project that meets all safety requirements; we install the solution according to the client's requirements and train personal equipment for use;

3. we can provide marking services for prototype product or trial batch.


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