Light Weight Cranes

Since 1972 Helm Hellas SA is focused in developing, producing and marketing sliding door fittings and overhead conveyor systems.

NIKO sliding door fittings can be used in every light or heavy duty application and provide cost effective and practical solutions for weights of up to 2000 kg.

NIKO Conveyor Systems offer material handling solutions to a variety of applications. A remarkably large product pallet of prefabricated standard NIKO components make it possible to design and install from the simplest to the most complex conveyor system.

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The NIKO Light Crane provides a cost effective and versatile solution to conventional overhead crane systems particularly when there is a height and space restriction. The crane is suitable for loads from 5 to 2000 kg and can be either manual or electric travel. The NIKO Light Crane is produced from zinc plated components for both indoor and outdoor applications.