Retaining magnets

ELESA + Ganter is a global leader in the world of standard machine elements. The company is a joint project of two manufacturers - Elesa SpA (Italy) and Otto Ganter GmbH & Co KG (Germany). ELESA (founded in 1941) and Otto GANTER (founded in 1894) have collaborated for more than 35 years and in 1995 has started to develop a joint sales network with the trademark Elesa + Ganter, offering the widest range of standard machine elements with unique design, excellent service and the ability to create special individual solutions in a very short time.

About the company:

Created in 1840 in Paris, PINET company, which has always been run by the same family for the past 6 generations, today is one of the leading European manufacturers of hinges and latching systems. In the Pinet's product range You will find a wide variety of standard hinges but also a very wide range of special hinges with a very specific application possibilities.

Innovation has ruled Pinet’s strategy for over 175 years. Investments in new technologies each year alowes the company to offer more and more innovative solutions. Investigate the product range and find such solutions which You could not even expect for.

The range of asortment: