Robotics and automation services

Robotics and automation services


We perform feasibility analysis, consult and suggest the most appropriate solutions to automate and introduce robotics to solve various problems of your manufacturing processes. We select the most suitable elements according to your needs (these include sensors, controllers, actuators, motors, image recognition systems, etc.) We also implement the aforementioned system elements or design and implement fully automated systems from initial ideas to the final and complete solution

We program industrial robots for a variety of tasks, as an example – packing, palletizing, milling and we can do much more in regard to other applications that might be of interest to you and your industry. We can also offer various solutions for robotic grippers, even the ones, specially tailored to your needs.



We also deal in installation and programming of a variety of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) of well-established and known brands. Besides that, we offer implementation and programming of Human-Machine Interface (HMI) according to the needs of our customer.

We, too, provide maintenance and programming options for BOSCH-REXROTH servo drives and we can offer a selection of servo motors and drives as well as high quality hydraulic systems.

We can carry out repairs for the elements of automation systems or provide modernization solutions, assemble control and automation panels. We aim to ensure quality in terms of operation of systems, implemented by us and in case of a failure – we promise a quick reaction and provision of maintenance.

We have installed systems in a number of companies for applications, such as grouping of products and raw materials, palletizing, quality control and so forth.

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