Rotary Joints

Christian Maier GmbH & Co. K G’s  mission statement - Quality, Safety, and Experience! As one of the most experienced manufacturers of Rotary Joints (rotating unions) in existence, company's priority (goal) is to maximize the quality and value of Rotary Joint products & services. This is accomplished by integrating traditional and well-known core values of high quality, reliability, and safety with comprehensive customer & user-driven priorities combined with a solid technological infrastructure based on proven, reliable and emerging technologies.

Maier has more than 50 years experience in producing rotary joints. The Maier product competitive advantage is a long and proven history of superior product quality and manufacturing techniques. The quality management system is continually monitored and upgraded to assure state-of-the-art solutions, as well as consistency and continuity of product quality. As a result, the products are registered ISO 9001, ATEX 94/9/CE and PED 97/23/CE and manufactured according to the requisite statutory and regulatory requirements. Maier Rotary Joints are utilized in the textile, plastic, paper, rubber, food, steel, chemical, and energy industry. Maier offers rotary joints for machine tools (internal coolant supply), power spindles, calenders for plastic materials and rubber, calenders for nonwoven products, printing and flexographic machines, gold converting, textile and tannery machines, paper machines (super and soft calendars), rotating dryers/mixers, tobacco processing machines, steel Industry (continuos casting), food processing machines, chip board plants, PET bottle machines/ blow molding machines, rotational/slush molding machines, roofing Felt plants, wind turbines, solar wafer production, clutches and coiling systems.

About the company: