Standing work

Standing work


These chairs relief stress and strain for people who cannot sit down to work. Standing up for prolonged periods subjects the human body to significant stress, and is responsible for a number of complaints relating to the heart and the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.

There are some classic scenarios for standing work – when people have to change location often, or have to move around a lot, or have to communicate eye–to–eye with other people. A good standing rest needs to support a person doing these jobs, without getting in the way of the work itself. A standing rest must be space–saving, easy to transport from one place to another, and provide plenty of room for moving around and reaching things. At the same time, it must – the same as any seating solution – adapt to different body sizes, and support a person’s posture, without forcing them into a particular position.

Bimos solutions for standing work give you the perfect support for any activity that cannot be undertaken while sitting down. Our standing rests range from simple supports for short–term stress–relief up to flexible standing rests that allow you to stand for prolonged periods without any signs of fatigue.


Bimos is a leading manufacturer of ergonomic chairs for industry and laboratories. For more than 50 years, Bimos has been providing workers in various industries with productive, healthy and comfortable workplaces.

Due to technological changes in the industry, the requirements for office chairs are constantly changing, and Bima chairs are constantly being improved with knowledge of seating technology, various medical professionals, experts from the Fraunhofer Institute (Europe's leading research institute for health, safety, communications, energy and the environment). The Bima ergonomic mechanism has a 10-year warranty, the products comply with DIN 68 877, GS certificate, air cleanliness class certificate DIN EN ISO 14644-1 (Cleanroom chairs) and ESD protection certificate EN 61340 (ESD chairs).

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