Diagnostic tests of industrial and marine machinery

Based on the measured vibrations, we evaluate the technical condition of industrial and marine machines, we perform diagnostic tests, the purpose of which is to assess the machine's vibration level, identify defects, protect the machine from unexpected breakdowns or accidents, and reduce the vibration level of machines and structures, thus ensuring the reliability and quality of machine work.


Diagnostic tests are intended for:

  1. to identify the sources of vibrations, determine their causes and reduce the level of vibrations;
  2. to assess the technical condition of rolling bearings and diagnose defects;
  3. to assess the technical condition of gear drives and diagnose defects;
  4. to assess the technical condition of electric motors and diagnose defects;
  5. to assess the technical condition of steam and gas turbines and diagnose defects;
  6. to assess the technical condition of centrifugal pumps and diagnose hydrodynamic problems.

These diagnostic tests are carried out while the machine is working under natural operating conditions, i.e. without stopping or disrupting the machine and without interfering with the course of the technological process.


Dynamic balancing of rotors of industrial machines

Dynamic balancing of the rotors of the following industrial machines/equipment is performed:

  1. dynamic balancing of turbines;
  2. dynamic balancing of electric motors;
  3. dynamic balancing of pumps;
  4. dynamic balancing of fans;
  5. dynamic balancing of blowers;
  6. dynamic balancing of crankshafts;
  7. dynamic balancing of various different types of rotors and shafts.

Dynamic balancing is performed in special horizontal balancing machines. In some cases, dynamic balancing of rotors (for example, fans) can be performed at the machine/plant workplace. In this case, when the company's engineers arrive at the workplace of the machine/device, dynamic balancing is performed with a special portable device.


Dynamic balancing of agricultural machinery rotors

Dynamic balancing of agricultural machinery rotors is performed. The dynamic balancing of choppers and mulcher rotors is carried out in special dynamic balancing machines. These machines also balance rotors of other types of agricultural machinery, such as grain threshing drums in combine harvesters. Dynamically balanced shafts and rotors up to 300 kg mass and up to 3 meters long.


Shaft alignment

A portable laser device is used to align the shafts at the workplace of the machine/device, and a shaft alignment check is performed. Shafts of the following types of machines/devices can be aligned: shafts of electric motors with pumps, shafts of electric motors with fans, shafts of internal combustion engines with various gears, etc.

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