Damping, Pressing and Guiding

Damping, Pressing and Guiding


ROSTA’s range of products based on the ROSTA Element, an elastomer powered torsional spring, can act as a simple mechanical damper, spring suspension system, or provide ‘spring power’ (mechanical potential energy) to exert pressure.


The ROSTA  AG (Switzerland) rubber suspension unit was patented in 1942. The motive for its development was the simplification of the wheel suspensions used at that time in trailor manufacture.

For many years, ROSTA AG concentrated on making use of the patent on the utilisation of the rubber suspension element as a space–saving independent suspension for trailer axles.

Today, ROSTA AG exports approximately 87% of its products. The main markets are Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, the USA, Japan, Australia and South Africa. The sale of rubber suspension components takes place through three own-branches and 37 agencies.

More information: www.rosta.com